Agire Foundation

Agire Foundation

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Fondazione Agire is the innovation agency of the Canton of Ticino and, on a cantonal mandate, represents the gateway to the Regional Innovation System. Founded in 2011, it aims to promote and disseminate innovation and technological development of existing economic activities or new startups, helping to increase regional competitiveness and create highly qualified jobs in Ticino and in the Italian Grisons.

The Agire team boasts multidisciplinary skills and provides companies and startups with a very diversified, competent, and professional network of services, supporting and guiding them in their growth path.

Thanks to its wide network of collaborations, Agire can accept all requests and offer direct support or direct them to more suitable partners. The headquarters is located at the Tecnopolo Ticino in Manno, a place of growth for startups and young innovative companies towards the goal of scale-up.

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