Alberto Dolci

Alberto Dolci

Global Strategic Health & Science programs mng

@BoltonFood we understood that today’s environmental and social challenges have become central for our business and for the Food-Industry in general. In my role of Global Strategic Health & Science program manager my focus is on transitioning the company toward a sustainable business and management approach, thanks to the rigorous application of scientific approach to investigate the effect of our products on consumer’s health, the innovation of products for better valorisation of resources (eg. Fish waste) and transformative processes such as transversal scientific partnerships within Next-gen funding bodies (PNRR). Furthermore, considering the influence of ESG criteria on governance and market regulation I promote the exertion of leadership through scientific research programs and advocacy activities for our industry as a whole. Additionally, I forge strong relationships with external parties including governments bodies and institutions, industrial partners and start-up incubators.
Previously, I was employed at the Danone Research Headquarters in Paris, as Senior Research Manager. Beforehand, I was Course Leader of the Master in Human Nutrition at the University of Westminster, London where I hold the title of Emeritus Fellow.
I have contributed to scientific research articles which have been published in high-impact journals such as Nature – Scientific reports. I contribute to media magazines such as MarkUp.

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March 13, 2023 16:10 | PURPLE

Research & Innovation govern systemic transformations toward sustainable Food-Industry

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