Elena Riva

Elena Riva

President of the board and co-owner

I first came across Panino Giusto when I moved to Milan to attend Bocconi University, from which I graduated in Business Administration. I fell in love with the brand serving a revolutionary food concept for the time: a Panino elevated to a proper meal through high-quality ingredients and creative combinations.
I became a loyal customer and started dreaming of being part of their story.
Together with my husband Antonio, we have begun as a franchisee. Eventually, in 2010 we managed to buy the company.

I have always been very keen on sustainability issues, even more recently due to the increased awareness and weight placed on the subject. The reason for this commitment comes from a profound motivation. I strongly feel that the responsibility towards our community and our planet does not concern only the institutions, but it directly involves us as citizens and as companies.
In 2019 we celebrated our 40th anniversary and set a new vision for Panino Giusto:” to make the world more giusto through a panino”. We became a benefit company and I’m proud to note the very first Italian B Corp in the food retail industry.
Today our priority is to go one step further, committing ourselves concretely to reducing carbon emissions and putting this objective at the core of our operations.

As a mother of three, Sofia, Filippo and Luca, I would like to think of my responsibility towards the planet with the same intensity I feel responsible for my children. Because the actions we do today will significantly impact the future that our kids will find themselves living in.

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