Emanuele Carpanzano

Emanuele Carpanzano

Director of Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer|SUPSI

Emanuele Carpanzano is Director of the Department of Innovative Technologies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland. He managed numerous R&D initiatives at international, national and regional level, as well as industrial research and technology transfer projects. He is active in different federal and international associations and institutions dedicated to education, research and innovation programs and initiatives in the field of industrial engineering. Particularly, he is member of the board of the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center and of the Swiss Drone Base Camp (SDBC), both competence centers of Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino. His research interests are focused on the digitalisation of production systems and value chains, including evolution of related human aspects. He is professor of industrial plants at SUPSI and author of more than 140 scientific papers, as well as of different industrial patents, in his applied research fields.


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