Joel Benghiat

Joel Benghiat

Chief Strategy Officer

Joël is Canadian and holds a degree in Mathematics, where he specialised in Statistics. He launched his career in engineering by forecasting outcomes of big data sets for a known blue chip company. The nature of the work eventually led him to management consulting where he spent 6 years working for Accenture’s Paris office. There he developed a speciality in mobile CRM and applied his soft skills to help Fortune 500 clients through their most pressing challenges. In that capacity, Joël has had an incredible journey working alongside inspiring role models across various industries around the world. He settled in the South of France where he accompanied a travel industry giant for 11 years in their digital transformation journey.

Joël joined Nembrini Consulting in 2021 and has evolved to Chief Strategy Officer to accompany the group into its phenomenal growth. Joël equally oversees business development activity through major partnerships, and steps in to ensure client success of high-profile engagements in Nembrini’s direct distribution.

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