Marco Martini

Marco Martini

Corporate & Tax Advisor

Marco is director and partner of PM Group, an over 10 years corporate and tax service consulting company based in Lugano and Chiasso. With a degree in economics in Switzerland and Italy and a specialization in corporate and tax, Marco has worked for some of the main fiduciaries of Canton Ticino starting with international tax planning and then continuing and prevailing with the Swiss-local advisory. After a first part of career and after having briefly experienced in the UK offices of a London based advisor, Marco from 2012 on, has assisted many firms and entrepreneurs in relocation processes in Switzerland, especially in Ticino. Feasibility projects and opportunities analysis, set up entities procedure, evaluation in terms of restructuring of existing groups and new business unit opening, EU / non-EU families and employees moved from abroad to Ticino and other Cantons. Together with a focused corporate and tax activity, Marco is also member of some BoD for better support the managing decisions and to facilitate a proper implementation of strategies, by complying with applicable frame of internal and “cross-border” fiscal rules and regulation. With a wide tax network of professionals based outside the country and recognized as one of the approved service provider by different global Swiss banks, PM Group promotes Switzerland as HUB for local and international activities and holdings (i.e. participations, patents and others) to preserve value and to generate growth for initiatives and assets in and from this jurisdiction.

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