Oded Chai

Oded Chai

Director, industrial relations and strategic development

Oded Chai is an educator and entrepreneur, with a record of leadership in the fields of education and design. For over a decade, Oded has been managing the department of continuing education at Shenkar, where he has overseen the expansion of the department and the development of dozens of new programs. Under his leadership, Shenkar has become a leading institution for continuing education in Israel. today, as director of industrial relations and strategic development, Oded creates new connections and opportunities for Shenkar’s community – faculty and students, enabling ground for an interdisciplinary and creative agenda to flourish.

through his work at Shenkar, Oded has been involved in a number of exciting and innovative programs. He led a Palestinian-Israeli collaboration program with the RCA in London, which brought together designers from all countries to explore new ideas and develop new products. Oded also led the Israeli team for zero-energy building at the Solar Decathlon in China, which showcased cutting-edge sustainable building techniques. And he worked with MIT on a “Games for Purpose” program, which explored the use of games as a tool for education and social change. Recently, Oded led a creative thinking workshop in Bahrain for small and medium beusinesses chartered by Bahrain government.

Prior to his work at Shenkar, Oded served as the head of the art institute in Tel Hai, where he helped to establish the institute as a leading center for arts education in Israel. He also led the youth science program at Upper Galilee and managed the division for external studies at Tel Hai Academic College.

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