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Cadica Group

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Founded in 1974 in Carpi, one of the historic areas in the textile industry in Northern Italy, Cadica Group specializes in Brand Identity, in other words, the production of accessories, such as such as labels, tags, embellishment, patches and packaging, which are the essential details of luxury fashion products.
Our skills include a variety of experience and an ability to meet customers’ needs, interpret their ideas and provide original advice and solutions. These come together to shape Cadica’s Brand Identity Solution: consulting, graphic design, production and logistics for a dynamic, quick, flexible service and quality products, in line with market and fashion trends.
Our Mission is to make brands more recognizable by designing innovative, sustainable solutions, investing in care, reliability, creativity and passion.
Our Vision is to be the major source of inspiration for our customers and to be their reference company in terms of creativity, research, quality and service.



We design and produce packaging to protect and enhance your products: attention to details, efficiency, innovative and sustainable fashion & accessories and customized projects.
A unique packaging for e-commerce solutions, fully customized with personalized details and accessories: shipping and internal boxes, dust bag, customized tape, sealing sticker, filling materials, authenticity seal, nylon and paper envelopes, fidelity cards, promotional letters and branded gift.
Be surprised with the ample range of materials, finishings, texture, colors and papers beautifully designed, cool and re- usable.
We designed a wide range of solutions for you to choose within.


The Group has a fully traceable and circular supply chain, that’s why the Cadica Ethical Choice collections can be considered 100 % circular. Mixing natural materials, organic fibers, recycled collections and wastes, our mission is to give creative but sustainable and workable suggestions for our fashion customers and partners.
Cadica Group collection are created with a strong sense of responsibility, with fewer products but richer details and ideas. We have created a special selection of accessories starting from key concepts such as quality, duration and re-use. The Ethical Choice aims at a new sustainable vision which protects society and the environment. Finishing, packaging, fabrics, materials and fibres re-enter the economy after their use, without ever becoming waste.
Cadica continues to invest in terms of process and product sustainability, not only with research and proposals but also to obtain certifications that ensure its customers the commitment and seriousness behind each project.
Since many years we have active social and products certifications, such as: ISO 9001, FSC, Oekotex Standard 100, Oekotex Leather Standard and from 2022 we have also SA8000.
We are BSCI and REACH compliance and collaborate with partners that work with certified row materials (GOTS, GRS, BCI) and innovative solutions in all the supply chain, for a responsible consumption and production.
Cadica fixed a specific sustainable aim for each SDGS ONU Agenda 2030. The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The Company answer the ONU call every day, but we would like to improve our commitment trying to better perform in all kind of goals, from the social to the environmental.


CADICA GROUP is specialized in the design, realization and worldwide distribution of anti-counterfeiting products and services unlike any other, offering the possibility to create QR codes, customized holographic strips, RFID, NFC on care label, tags and labels.
Cadica proposed more alternatives for the development of accessories and packaging completed with innovative technologies, meaning ID Solutions: RFID, NFC, QR Code, Bar Code and other proposals that not only allow to prevent the phenomenon of counterfeiting by protecting brands, but also to create and control the interaction between them and the final customer.
Since years we offer solutions and new technology to safeguard fashion from shoplifting, counterfeiting, licensee control, and to cut stock and distribution costs.
Thanks to the strong productive and technological pole of Etichetta 2000, the Company offer to its customers an even wider range of products, intercepting their needs in terms of creativity, quality and service in an even more complete way.
CADICAGROUP provides clients of WEB Services company with the consultation of the printing service database that is fed by the WEB Service transactions, from the IT departments, logistics and the affiliated retailed companies.
The entire process is based on sophisticated WEB applications that enable the company to customize the layout supports, to supply the production batches data, to track consignments and deliveries, to check the production quantity or brand accessories returns.
The technology implementation in the warehouse logistics involves the tag initialization and association to the garment. Thanks to its branches in the main worldwide fashion production plants and to its own distribution logistics, CADICAGROUP can provide a printing service and tag serialization, with its direct delivery service of the labels or the hangtags to the suppliers.