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Anna Bory

Anna Bory


Anna is the co-founder of Miloo, the leading brand of luxury e-bikes with the task to revolutionize the way people move. Anna has more than 15 years’ experience in the Automotive and Luxury industry in Management and Marketing across Asia, America and Europe.

Anna was born and raised in Switzerland. She graduated from HEC Lausanne and started her career in Paris and Geneva before moving to New York to do her Master degree at NYU and work at Young & Rubicam. After 4 years in the Big Apple, Anna relocated to Singapore and was hired by one of her client, Audi. She ended up staying 10 years in Asia, amongst which 8 years in Singapore and later on 2 years in China both as Head of Marketing. In 2019, Anna relocated to Switzerland to follow another interest of hers, jewelry and took the position for Marketing Director for Cartier.

However her passion for mobility and adventure pushed her to follow her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and in 2020, she joined Daniel van den Berg as the co-founder of Miloo in a fantastic adventure of disrupting the world of commuting.