Jan Trautmann

Jan Trautmann

Digital Innovation Lead

Jan Trautmann is a digital innovation and management professional with a background in economics and a proven track record of leading and developing digital initiatives and projects across multiple organizations and industries, holding a wide range of skills: from project to product management over to digital marketing, strategy, communication and innovation management.
He previously worked for RSI (Swiss TV) leading the Digital Lab operations and for Infront X (Sport marketing firm specialized in building fan experiences powered by technology) helping clients to navigate the digital space while building digital ecosystems to create a deeper connection with fans.
He is currently working at Lugano Living Lab, the urban innovation lab of the City of Lugano, tasked to promote and facilitate digital and technological innovation in the city and for the city. Among its task and responsibilities, he is leading MyLugano: a new kind of economic development platform powered by blockchain that supports small merchants while making local shopping easier, cheaper and funnier.

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March 13, 2023 16:50 | BLUE

Changing the game for local businesses: digital solutions, cryptocurrencies and loyalty program

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