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Ana Maria Montero

Ana Maria Montero


I am an international TV, radio and print journalist with 20 years of experience with CNN (CNN International, CNN Español, CNN domestic, CNNMoney Switzerland), in English and Spanish.

For more than a decade, I hosted ‘Escenario’, a daily entertainment news show (35 million viewers across 45 countries) focused on all things culture: Hollywood, premieres, celebrity interviews, set visits, film festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, etc., including live coverage of the Academy Awards®, Grammys® and other high-profile events.

While Los Angeles was officially home, I was often on the move, working out of Atlanta, NYC, Miami, Chicago, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City to name a few.

In 2017, I traded red carpets for stock markets and worked as a top anchor for CNN Money Switzerland in Zurich.
Most recently, co-host of the podcast AM & TK as well as TEDx speaker have joined that list.

Thanks to these 20 years of professional experience, I can and do all of these things as myself, for myself.
But guess what? I can also help you develop these same things for yourself.