Fabienne Le Tadic

2022 Speaker

Fabienne Le Tadic

Group Chief Strategy and Compliance Officer|Valmont

A member of Valmont Group’s Executive Committee, Fabienne Le Tadic is currently leading the transformation plan of the group . She holds a Master’s degree in Economics – Political Science from the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris, France. With a dual Swiss-French citizenship, Fabienne has an eclectic background built with 30 years of experience in key international positions, driving major transformational initiatives various industries, from retail in France, to IT at Nestlé or Innovation in the Aluminium for aeronautics industry.

Her career focus is to deal with major transformational initiatives where she brings her passion for customer and people understanding, technology and innovation management know how. A strong believer in disruptive technologies, Fabienne is passionate about bringing traditional companies in the digital scene. At Valmont Group , she is credited with having spearheaded digital transformation worldwide.
People-oriented and concerned about tomorrow’s work culture, Fabienne serves on the board of Rezalliance , a Swiss organization that advocates for an advanced inclusion in the workplace.

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