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Francesca D. Faraci

Francesca D. Faraci

Senior Lecturer & Researcher, Head of BSP Unit - Institute of Digital Technologies for Personalized Healthcare SUPSI

Dr Francesca Faraci, received her Laurea diploma in Physics from the University of Genoa, Italy;her PhD in Electronics from the University of York, U.K. in 2006, where she worked for three years as research associate in the Physics Layer Group, mainly on biocomputational electromagnetics and dosimetry.
In 2006 she joined the Adaptive Computation Group of the University of Coimbra, Portugal, working on advance signal processing of bio-signal analysis, such as ECG.
After a short period with IT’IS Foundation Zurich she spent two years as Senior Researcher at the Bio Engineering Laboratory, former PEL, part of the D-BSSE ETH Zurich in Basel. At ETH she had the opportunity of working as data-scientist with multi-electrode arrays and microfluidics and had the important assignment of being the activity manager for GOSPEL NoE.
In 2009 she took up a position as Researcher at SUPSI and since 2011 she is also Lecturer of Physics, Applied Statistics & Data Analysis, and Design of Experiments. In SUPSI she has being actively coordinating and acquiring projects at national and EU level.

She is now Head of the BioSignal Processing Research Area, and leader of Various Eu Project and Innosuisse, in the area of HealthCare and AI. She is one of the founder of the new Institute of Digitalized Technologies for Personalized Healthcare (MeDiTech).

She is supervisor of various PhD students, Master and Bachelor Thesis Students, in collaboration with various Universities in Switzerland and in Italy.